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10 May 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principals Report

Welcome back to Term 2. Thank you to the many parents who have taken time to welcome me back after my leave of 4 weeks. The welcome back from staff, students and parents certainly has been greatly appreciated and I would like to thank and acknowledge the work of Mr. Jim Ireland who was Acting Principal in my absence.

I trust everyone had an enjoyable break away from normal routine and have returned refreshed in readiness for the term ahead. One of the things I am so proud of about our School is the fact that it rarely closes down. During holidays we often see many of our dedicated staff working in the school planning and preparing for the upcoming term. Thank you to all of our dedicated staff who go the extra mile, each and every day and each and every holiday period. Our Holiday Program run by Catholic Care Children Services under the guidance and expertise of Heather and her team provides a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in activities during the term break. We always receive incredibly positive feedback from the team in relation to the student’s engagement and behavior in the many varied activities that are offered. In addition, I have also had members of the public make contact to comment on the outstanding behavior our students display when they are in the community with the Holiday Program.

This week our Grade 3 and 5 students, along with all Gr. 3 and 5 students across Australia will be involved in NAPLAN Testing. The focus of these tests is Numeracy, Reading, Language Conventions and Writing. The data from these tests is of value to us as a school in analyzing where the strengths and areas of focus are from an entire school in relation to these learning areas. At the same time this is one test on one day and is used in conjunction with many other assessments in shaping the academic picture of each child. Last week I sent two letters to our Grade 3 and 5 parents and students in relation to NAPLAN. One was the usual administration letter providing details about the tests and dates and the reasons behind NAPLAN. The second was a paraphrased version of a letter that has been sent to many students around Australia over the past couple of years. This letter was sent to remind our students that no matter how they perform on the day NAPLAN is not a reflection on who they are or what they will become. It was sent to remind our students that they are, each in their own way, exceptional and unique, and that they deserve to be recognized for this.

Bernadette Brooks



A mother who had raised well a large family was often asked her advice by other parents on how they should handle one of their children. She always answered, ‘I don’t know. I raised my children, but I don’t know yours.” Her point was that each child is unique and each parent has to work out how to relate uniquely to each child. In one sense that seems so obvious, but in reality it is difficult to achieve. It is tempting to be ‘fair’ and try to treat each the same…or at least similarly but each child’s unique personality calls for new responses, to say nothing of the changing events of life. Parenting calls us out of ourselves, to change in ways we could not imagine and grow in ways we would not dream of. It calls us to become like God.

A favorite image of God’s love, used by Jesus and by many saints, is that of a mother. In fact, one of the words for ‘mercy’ in Hebrew comes from the word for womb. As we look around at all the people we know, we can be amazed at the sheer variety of personalities and circumstances yet God treats each of us uniquely: hovering, caring, supporting in all situations – even when things go badly wrong. More than a mother ever good, God responds to us according to who we are, to our unique needs and knowing the best person we could become. God is more committed to us, than the best mother could ever be. The challenge for us is to accept the amazing uniqueness of that love.

Loving God, you love me with the tenderness of a mother and the passion of a father. As I parent my children, may my love of them draw me into a deeper knowledge and experience of your love. I ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb


Loving God, we thank you for the love of the mothers you have given us,
Whose love is so precious that it can never be measured,
whose patience seems to have no end.
May we see your loving hand behind them and guiding them.
We pray for those mothers who fear they will run out of love or time, or patience. We ask you to bless them with your own special love.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother.


Kinder C Mothers Day Sketches
Kinder C Mothers Day Sketches
Click images to enlarge


A very big thank you to Mrs. Carmel Maynard and her committed group of helpers for the coordination of our Mother’s Day Stall on Wednesday and Thursday. This is always a highlight for our students as they are provided with a wonderful opportunity to purchase gifts.


Last year we changed our previous years of hosting a Mother’s Day Morning Tea in May and Father’s Day breakfast in September. This event was extremely successful and allowed us to be able to consider the needs of the many mothers who are not able to join us in the middle of the day due to work commitments. Our combined parent breakfast will be held in August for both mothers and fathers to enable all working parents to join in. At this breakfast we celebrate and recognise both mothers and fathers. Further information will follow closer to the set date.

Communication Changes

Please be advised that Skoolbag is no longer the platform for notifications or newsletters.

Schoolzine has transformed our school newsletter into a multi-functional, interactive platform that can be accessed wherever you have internet! At home on your PC, via your mobile or on your iPad - completely at your convenience.

We ask that all parents please embrace this change to our communication and share with as many of our families as possible so we can ensure everyone is aware of the changes to our newsletter.

It will be necessary to download the Schoolzine App to access the newsletter and its many functions.

Kindergarten Enrolments

Enrolments are now being accepted for our Kindergarten classes for 2018. If you have a child to enrol or know of someone who does, please pass this information onto him or her. The Education Act states that Kindergarten students must turn four years of age on or before the 1st January of the year commencing Kinder. Please contact the school office (6275 5200) for an enrolment form.

The Village

The Holy Rosary Birth to 4 program is on Wednesday’s from 9:00am – 10:30am.

Easter Raffle

Easter Raffle photos
Easter Raffle photos
Click images to enlarge

A huge thank you to Allison Norman and Angela Gunn for organising the wonderful prizes for our Easter Raffle and to all our families who generously donated items to make it an amazing success.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners.


Andrea Bray


Leonnie Rainsford


Raymond Kean


Matilda Pels


Noah Saltmarsh


Melissa Burnett


Robert Macfarlane


Alison Graham


Mansfield Family


George Makrogamvrakis


Wendy Allie


Michaela White


Johanna Rumbold


Toby Garlick


Aiden Oates


Leah McKenzie


Jacinta Waddington


Bronwyn Marriott


Thank you to our many families and students who were involved in ANZAC Day Services and marches across the State. Our School Captains and Vice Captains Mitchell, Amy, Bonnie and Jonte represented us with pride at the Dawn Service at Claremont where they laid a wreath on behalf of our school community.

Edmund Rice Mass

On Friday 5th May a group of Grade 6 boys, who are attending St Virgil’s College in 2018, travelled to the Derwent Entertainment Centre to celebrate the annual Edmund Rice Mass.

This is a wonderful opportunity for these students to observe and participate in the life of an Edmund Rice celebration. The boys were overwhelmed by the size and excited to be part of this community and celebration.

Thank you to Mrs Piesse for accompanying these students.


The holidays are certainly a busy time for sporting and other activities. Congratulations to Taylah, Jacob and Isaac who travelled to Devonport to compete in the state titles for Judo and won Gold Medals in their divisions.

Congratulations also to Mrs. Donna French who travelled to New Zealand to compete in the World Master’s Games. Mrs. French won a gold medal for her age group in the 2.5km Open Water Swim. What a wonderful achievement.

Vacation Care News

From the Director Catholic Education Tasmania

Students of the Week

SWPBS Awards

Silver Award

Congratulations to Lilly who has constantly displayed our three expectations of Respect, Safety and Learning and received her Silver Award for 100 Bernies.

Parent Knowledge/Engagement Workshop

Uniform Shop Closures

Please note the Uniform Shop will be closed on the following days:

Wednesday 17 May; and
Thursday 18 May 2017.

Orders can still be made through QKR and will be filled on Friday 19 May. QKR orders will be sent home with students on that Friday.

Extra Curricular Activities

Aussie Hoops

Hobart Phoenix Basketball Association will begin its 2017 Aussie Hoops program on Thursday May 18th.

Junior Zone

Want to give hockey a try? Why not go along to the Hockey Centre and have a go.

Holy Rosary Catholic School Fundraisers

Entertainment Book

The Entertainment Books have now arrived.

Books can be purchased at the school office or by following the link below.


Girls Night Out





Every Holy Rosary mum will receive a special gift from their child/children on the night

The Holy See

Message of his Holiness Pope Francis for the 54th World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

Term 2 Assemblies and Liturgies

Parents and Friends are most welcome and kindly invited to join us for our School Assemblies which are held at 1.45pm and our Liturgies which are held at 12.00 noon on the following dates in the School Hall or St Bernard’s Church unless noted differently.





Monday 8th May ASSEMBLY


Whole School

Grade 1

Wednesday 10th May



Grade 6 and 2

Grade 6

Wednesday 17th May



Grade 3 and 4

Grade 3

Monday 22nd May



Whole School


Wednesday 24th May



Grade 6 and 2

Grade 6

Wednesday 31st May



Grade 3 and 4

Grade 4

Monday 5th June



Whole School


Wednesday 7th June MASS


Grade 5 and 1

Grade 5

Wednesday 14th June



Grade 3 and 4

Grade 3

Monday 19th June



Whole School

Aussie Sports

Wednesday 21st June



Grade 6 and 2

Grade 6

Wednesday 28th June



Grade 5 & 6 and Prep

Grade 5

Wednesday 5th July



Whole School

Grade 5 and 6

Upcoming Events

10th and 11th May

Mother’s Day Stall

10th May

Canberra Parent Information Session @ 7.00pm

12th May

Girl’s Night Out @ 7.00pm in school hall

19th May

Walk Safely to School Day

HRCS Cross Country

6th June

Bravehearts @ 12.15pm and 1.00pm

9th June

Catholic Schools Cross Country

19th June

Board Meeting @ 6.00pm

30th June

Football and Netball Round Robin


25 Oct 2017

Pre-Kinder Session 1

Kinder A - Mon, Wed, Fri (12pm - 1pm)

Kinder B - Mon, Tue, Thurs (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

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01 Nov 2017

Pre-Kinder Session 2

Kinder A - Mon, Wed, Fri (12pm - 1pm)

Kinder B - Mon, Tue, Thurs (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

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08 Nov 2017

Pre-Kinder Session 3

Kinder A - Mon, Wed, Fri (12pm - 1pm)

Kinder B - Mon, Tue, Thurs (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

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15 Nov 2017

Pre-Kinder Session 4

Kinder A - Mon, Wed, Fri (12pm - 1pm)

Kinder B - Mon, Tue, Thurs (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

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22 Nov 2017

Pre-Kinder Session 5

Kinder A - Mon, Wed, Fri (12pm - 1pm)

Kinder B - Mon, Tue, Thurs (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

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